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Self Portraits at CircleCulture

This Friday, June 5th Circleculture Gallery will be opening a large group show of contemporary urban artists taking on one of the most classic themes in art history, the self portrait. The lineup will be huge, including D-Face, JR, Jeff Soto, Judith Supine, Kill Pixie, Charlie Isoe, Aaron Rose, Nomad, Mymo, Stefan Strumbel and plenty more. If you're in Berlin you really don't want to miss this one.

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The Mystic Chords of Memory

Tim Biskup is returning to Iguapop this Thurdsay, June 4th with his newest solo show 'The Mystic Chords of Memory'. The title comes from Abraham Lincoln's inaugural speech and speaks relevantly about a renewed interest in American History, and more importantly with a positive outlook on it all. His new paintings have taken on a more colorful and brighter appearance than some of his past work and will surely feel at home in the Catalan Capital.

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2012 in NYC by Avoid, Bloke, and Faro

Our friends at Factory Fresh in Brooklyn gave us word that Friday, June 5th three artists who have been hitting the streets of NYC hard for a few years now, Avoid, Bloke, and Faro, will be opening a three-man show entitled '2012'. Their colorful styles will help usher in the summertime and a whole new era (according to the Mayan calendar at least) and will also be a chance to celebrate Factory Fresh's 1-year anniversary.

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Zonenkinder come to Brooklyn

A lot of Zonenkinder's work lives in the forests, on trees, and close to the earth. Now their work has found its way to the center of the world sort of, NYC. Their new exhibition, Bambule, opens tonight at Mccaig Welles Gallery in Williamsburg.

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L'Atlas at work in Place Beauborg

A nice video by Sofarida of L'Atlas during his performance in June, 2008 at the Place Beauborg in Paris. Great to see the reactions and interactions of the people as well as the whole process. Enjoy.


Without You Baby, There Ain't No Us

Without You Baby There Ain't No Us, is a project from Swiss Artists Admir Jahic and Comenius Roethlisberger (The Invisible Heroes). The duo has taken on a massive workload about the absurd, a handdrawn animation recreating the infamous Star Wars Kid Youtube video. 604 drawings, each are individually framed and on display at the Scope art fair in Basel this week.

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Meet Carolina Fontoura

Carolina Fontoura is a Mexican-Brazilian artist who just opened her first solo show, 'Connect,' at Upper Playground Mexico. Her chandeliers and lamps are made entirely from recycled bicycle parts, and aside from their delicate yet heavy hitting aesthetics the comments they lay down about DIY culture, class structures, power dynamics, reclaimed agency, and ecological responsibility are deeply embedded in each piece.

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Space Invader's Top 10

TOP 10

Space Invader made this great video documenting his Rubickubism process. A sneak preview of what's to come at his solo show at Jonathan Levine later this month.


Opening tonight: Maya Hayuk and Ephameron


A.L.I.C.E. Gallery in Brussels has quite a special "double" show opening up tonight, with the focus on feminine sensitivity. Maya Hayuk, allround artist from New York known for her fresh and psychedelic abstract work and Ephameron from Antwerp, an illustrator who creates a very intimate universe with great delicacy, have been working in the two seperate spaces for a week now - come and see the results for yourself!!!

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Without You Baby, There Ain't No US in Basel


Ado and Comenius are also at Scope with the next phase of their collaboration "Without You Baby, There Ain't No Us".

604 drawings! An absurd dedication to absurdity. Who expects a person to be sane when everybody whispers crisis" Who is more sane than these invisible heroes" All info on this project is available for download, along with hi-res images on nonewenemies.net.

C215's Shoeshiners

C215 has made his way around the world numerous times while prolifically leaving his stencils everywhere he goes. His extensive travels and recognizably French style of stenciling has gained him a strong following of fans. Londoners will be happy to know on June 19th C215 will open his first UK solo show entitled 'Shoeshiners' at the Signal Gallery.

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Banksy Versus Bristol Museum

Banksy's back with his biggest UK project to date, transforming the entire Bristol Museum into his playground. The show will be up all summer long. Obviously if you're near Bristol you know what you should be going to see. Also check out the BBC Report here. via


The Banksy on CNN


The artworld meets in Basel these days....but the breaking news on CNN are about one artist: Banksy. His new show at Bristol Museum UK.

CNN website



El Tono's 'Residencia Tampiquito'

El Tono just sent over news about the residency he was attending from April through May in Tampiquito, a neighborhood of Monterrey, Mexico. Check out the video and click here to read the full report.


WallBreakers - Teaser

Wallbreakers - Rebel Art Festival from Modart Magazine on Vimeo.

The WALLBREAKERS Festival is an unique Contemporary Urban Art Exhibition conceived to mark the 20th anniversairy of the fall of the Berlin wall and the massive impact this historical event has had on the Urban Art scene.
WALLBREAKERS will be staged at a series of major events and select art
scene happenings between June and November 2009.

Check the brandnew website here and get much more info about the events.



We're very sad to bring you the news that Mike Martin aka IZ the Wiz aka one of the original kings of NYC graffiti passed away Wednesday morning as result of a heart attack. The work he did on the NYC subways is legendary and he continued to paint and be an active member of the scene right up until the end. You inspired so many people and for that will never be forgotten. photos and news via

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Boxi - to die for

We received new pieces from Boxi, which he did in Athens.
He did a wall piece and a 240x190cm canvas work for Alpha Delta Gallery and the REMAP KM 2 event which opened on the 16th June and runs parallel to the 2nd Athens Biennial "Heaven".

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WallBreakers at Rock am Ring


It's begun. The WallBreakers festival kicked of at Rock am Ring,
Germany's largest open air music festival. The Lichtfaktor crew were on
hand and this meant the audience were treated to the art of Jiar and some wicked light writing videos.

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WallBreakers - Basel


Almost as soon as the party was done, WallBreakers moved over to Basel where they got people's eyes open and feet moving. An Installation from Smash137 and Ruedione, spoke about East and West and walls; about colors and grey.

A grey wall might mean a silent people. Speak up y'all ... next
WallBreakers stop is coming up July 1st in Berlin ...

For Full Artist and Event details, please visit: www.artwallbreakers.com

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No New Enemies and Helium Cowboy took on the topic of food waste and watched 10 artists dig in ... references to the blob, codex, fat boy slim, greasy veggie diets and a whole lot more. Food was saved from the bin at the city's theatre, who together with Gwen, Liz and the plants they dug up around town provided food for belly to go with food for thought.


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Book Club: Like Lipstick Traces

Like Lipstick Traces is a unique approach to a graffiti book. Instead of simply compiling photos from artists the editors sent out polaroid cameras and about 100 shots of film to thirteen writers who have put in work for years yet managed to remain outside of the institutionalized and more commercial graffiti: Aroe (UK), C.B.S (DE), Dumbo (IT), Honet (FR), Kegr (DK), O'Clock (FR), Os Cururus (BR), Rate (USA), Remio (NOR), Rocky (ES), Scan (CA), Smash (CH), and The E.R.S. (BE). Their mission was to shoot photos of their everyday lives. The book originally was released at Colette in Paris and on Tuesday, June 30th it will be presented at Vallery in Barcelona.

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Art Moves International Billboard Art Competition

Galeria Rusz in Torun, Poland has been running a Billboard art gallery since 1999 in the hopes of bringing more art into the public space. This year they're holding the second annual Art Moves Billboard Art Competition. Entries are open to anyone and due by August 10th. The winner can walk away with some cash in their pocket and their art in the streets of Torun. Check out their website for more info about it all.


Ron English at the Don Gallery

Ron English has been keeping busy as his new show will be opening at the Don Gallery in Milan this July 9th. If you're in Italy you know what to do. Also, if you missed it the first time check out Ripo's interview with Ron from back in May before his show 'Lazarus Rising' at Elms Lester Gallery.

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CARNE by Fase & Doma

The Argentinean artist collectives known as Fase and Doma are currently on the warpath around Europe with their newest show 'Carne' to open this Saturday, June 27th at the Arty Farty Gallery in Cologne. This will be the second manifestation of the show, the first having been at Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin which opened a week and a half ago. Also read more to check out the video of a sick wall that Fase did back in 2007 in Berlin.

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the ink goes deep


when i saw Araminta de Clermont's exhibition a while back at the Joao Ferreira Gallery in cape town it took away my breath....
growing up in cape town one learns to read gang tags and ive developed a dark fascination towards the tattoos that prisons nurture... with a built in fear but also a certain amount of sadness at the knowledge that people have to go through such hard experiences and wear them on the outside for all to see till the end of their days...
this bbc clip
gives you a short glimpse into the work...

check Faith 47's artistblog!


WallBreakers - Rock am Ring clip

WallBreakers at Rock am Ring 2009 from Modart Magazine on Vimeo.

It's begun. The WallBreakers festival kicked of at Rock am Ring,
Germany's largest open air music festival. The Lichtfaktor crew were on hand and this meant the audience were treated to the art of Jiar and some wicked light writing videos. And now we have the Video footage of that great eve...


Sonar Music Festival

The Sonar Music Festival is a whirlwind machine that for three days a year, 13 years running now, spreads music and parties across the city of Barcelona. But there are side effects and they have been known to affect sleep patterns.

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Atsuko Ishii solo show


For her first solo exhibition in Belgium, Atsuko Ishii has selected almost 200 artworks that will be on show at Avenue sneakershop in Antwerp. Uniquely sold according to a take-away principle, you get to purchase a handmade etching and take it home immediately!

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The Joyful Bewilderment Are Here

The touring group show that is The Joyful Bewilderment are about to take up residency at Bristol's Here Gallery from Tuesday 7th July.


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Stencil HIstory X Website Launched

Stencil History X has just launched its official website and blog. The website picks up where the book leaves off and will continue to bring stencil news to you as often as possible. There's also an online store of works by artists like Btoy, Artiste-Ouvrier, Broken Crow, C215, Ortica Noodles, and many more. Check out the site at www.stencilhistoryx.com.

Eine's "The A-Z of Change"

Eine will be making his Los Angeles debut at Carmichael Gallery with his new solo show opening on July 9th, 'The A-Z of Change.' He was also just entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for hand-pulling the most colors (78) in a silkscreen print in his latest print release with Nelly Duff Gallery in London.

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Stanley Donwood's "El Chupacabra"

Radiohead's album cover artist Stanley Donwood will be opening his first solo show in Bristol on July 10th at the Weapon of Choice gallery. Entitled 'El Chupacabra' Stanley will be showing his Pandemon's. According to him, "A Pandemon is a feral carnivorous parasite, feasting ingloriously on the foully smouldering remains of late-period Western consumer capitalism." There will be thirteen of them present at the show. They will all be drowned in paint to silent their snickering.

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