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Ephameron Opening this Thursday

This Thursday Galerie van der Mieden in Antwerp will be hosting a new show of drawings by Ephameron and the Dutch artist Jasper Krabbe entitled 'Wish You Were Here'. Both artists have a beautiful sense of subtlety and the figure in their work, their work should look very nice next to one another. The same night the gallery will also be opening 'Contrato para paisaje' by Vicente Blanco. If you're near Antwerp this Thursday go out and support!

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Artiste Ouvrier at ATM Gallery

Artiste Ouvrier (or Working Class Artist) is one of the founders of modern French stenciling. His style stands out amongst many others and he has put in over 15 years of perfecting his craft as well as influencing more than a few others with his technique. His first solo show in Berlin, 'Pochoirs Normands', opened up at ATM Gallery a few weeks ago, there's still time to check it out as it's up through Dec. 21st.

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Topsafe Launch

Topsafelondon.com is officially launching and will be showcasing a solid mix of limited edition works by mostly British and French artists and designers, many of whom have their roots firmly planted in graffiti. While that might not sound so original what makes it stand out is the lineup and the fact you won't find their work available in many other places: Horfe, Roid, Honet, Seb Gorey, Egs, Finsta and many more. To mark the launch they'll be opening a show this Friday of original works by the likes of Horfe, Roid, Finsta, Emilski, Egs, Dreph, Will Robson-Scott, Seb Gorey, and Jamie Brown at Mews of Mayfair in London.

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Mikosa Retrospective

Mikosa is a foundation created by the No New Enemies crew from Twothings ... and has been putting out amazing magazines, doing shows and much more for the last few years. The pages they fill don't often have words, but are never short on stories or things to say. Here are some shots Morcky sent over from their recent retrospective at miscelänea gallery in Barcelona.
big bwoys!

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theory one...


i cannot leave out the legendary, and i mean legendary THEORY ONE from my blog posts...
hes been around for a time and though i hardly ever see him around i often see what hes been drawing late nights while the rest of the world is sleeping...

he is consistently amazing... i particularity love his hand done illustrations of street vagrants, gangsters and sailors....
pulling through with the illest style that is theory one and no other - see his flckr account...

from faith47's blog...


Three new Jose Parla Prints at Elms Lester Gallery

The textures and surfaces that Jose Parla builds up on his canvases plus the layering, hands on approach, and calligraphy all embody a lot of what many artists strive for in connecting their backgrounds in the streets with the studio. Just in time for the holidays Elms Lester Painting Rooms will be releasing three new Parla prints and having a short exhibition of them opening tomorrow. Since they'll all probably be sold out by the time the doors open this will be a nice chance to go see them in person.

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Primary Flight begins!

Left: Jim Darling watches Ron English make progress
Right: Ron English gets some ladder support from Harry Golden as Jeremiah Garcia gets the close up shot

It's the eve of the official Primary Flight event and two seasoned veterans of street art took to the streets early. Around midnight Shepard Fairey and Ron English started making their mark on the neighborhood of Wynwood for the Primary Flight event.

Shepard Fairey will be doing his largest mural to date this year for Primary Flight. With a wall that is nearly 20 ft tall, and 200 ft wide, this monster wall will be finished over the next few days. During this night session he was visited by KAWS and Jose Parla who got a sneak peek of what was to come over the next few nights

Ron English worked into the morning hours doing the prep work on his mural which will be approximately 30ft wide by 15ft tall.

These are only 2 of the nearly 80 artists that will be participating in Primary Flight.

We will be sending you daily updates of the progress of Primary Flight. Feel free to post, redistribute or blog as you see fit. If you would prefer that we do not mail you, just let us know and we will remove you from our status updates over the next 4 days.

For info visit: www.primaryflight.com

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Primary Flight - Day 2!

photos by Jeremiah Garcia!

Primary Flight - Day 3!

photos by Jeremiah Garcia! Thanks again!
Please be patient - it may take some time to see the pictures.


Lori Zimmer in Miami

New blogger, Lori Zimmer stares into her coffee and gives us a first taste of Miami. More to come ....

Deitch Projects and Goldman Properties have teamed up to bring you The Wynwood Walls, the first phase of the outdoor mural exhibition for Art Basel. Opening on Thursday night, the muralists include AIKO, JIM DRAIN, SHEPARD FAIREY, STELIOS FAITAKIS, FUTURA,BARRY MCGEE, NUNCA,OS GEMEOS/NINA/FINOK,ARA PETERSON, CLARE ROJAS,KENNY SCHARF, SWOON/DAVID ELLIS/BEN WOLF, and DJ set by a very mustachioed Rusty Lazer, a man who plays mash ups of no less than 4 songs at once.Who knew that Ace of Base, Young MC, Beastie Boys and Peaches could be fused together? ( Can they?) I tried to show some love and dance, but since the event was serving only the finest bottled water, my sober heels stayed sunken in the grass.
The project will continue over the next 2 years, commissioning 15 more artists to create outdoor murals.

At O.H.W.O.W. Thursday kicked off the opening for Lance Armstrong's touring exhibition, "Stages". With DJ Shepard Fairey spinning Fugazi, the reception featured work including Shep, Nara, KAWS, Jose Parla, an amazing Eric White piece, DZine's pimped out low rider bikes, Clayton Brothers, and a performance by Atlas Sound, Bradford James Cox from Deerhunter's solo project. With hors d'ouvres and booze circulating on the regular, the Stages party was the best ticket in town on Thursday night. Mr. Armstrong emerged from his secret back room every so often to mingle with the crowd. The packed house stayed until the booze went dry and we were kicked out to stumble to the only dive in Miami, The Deuce, where the drinks are cheap and the bar never closes.

ArtBasel Miami

Thanks to Lauren Albrecht for these Pictures.


Okay Mountain

Corner store, 2009

site-specific installation commissioned by Arthouse

The feeling around most of the fairs this year for me has been "safe". I'm seeing a lot of good work, but not many daring installations, or anyone pushing the limit. The traditional white cube compacted into traditional white booth. I was feeling a little saddened by this until I came across OKAY MOUNTAIN's "booth" at the IMPULSE section of the PULSE art fair. Bitingly witty and completely sarcastic, OKAY MOUNTAIN has created a mini mart, chock full of absurdist goodies like Movie Popcorn Flavored Condoms, Kevin Costner's Pee Pee flavored salt, a pickle and diet pickle juice soda fountain, BBQ Water, Crotch Powder, Apple Bottom Toilet Paper and a jug of liquid called Get a Baby Drunk. They have a store circular with working coupons including 2 for 1 Muhfuck'n Cat Food or Qualitest red or purple Codeine Syrup. I picked up "2 Dudes" for $24.99 and "Da Beige", the most beige candy for $8.99. The art collective acts as convenience store staff, and have all grown classy mustaches for the occasion. Finally someone who gets my sick sense of humor! Although hilarious it may be, I also enjoy OKAY MOUNTAIN's witty comment on consumer culture and the art fair environment, and for having the guts to actually break the white cube monotony and take an artistic risk- while having a great time.

...courtesy of our latest correspondent Lori Zimmer

Primary Flight - Day 4!

photos by Jeremiah Garcia! Thanks again!

Today's Artists:
El Mac and Retna, Revok, Typoe, Pisa 73, Kenny Scharf, Dabs and Myla, Ewok, Augor, Askew, Praise, Galo painting,Kenny Scharf, Augor, Logan Hicks, Taboo, Tacks, Nick Walker, Clifton, Keds, Cycle, Kem, Steel, Witness, Ron English, Ron English, The London Police, wrath


Invisible Heroes in Miami


Ado and Comenius are of course making waves with their project for Big Mistakes. More on that soon, but first, here are some pictures. The Invisible Heroes are not represented by a commercial gallery.

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Btoy at Galerie Itinerrance in Paris

This Thursday, Dec. 10th Stencil History X and Galerie Itinerrance present the first Paris "solo" show by our good friends Btoy. Wish we could be there.

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The MTN Diaries Summer 2009

MTN and All City just released this full length HD video online only. It features Horphe, Tomek, Se & Gues getting serious in the Paris Streets, Seen in his studio, Metro & Afiler on Belgian trains, Twist & Amaze in Lyon, Pro & Koolfunc GT plus Seb FMK in the playgrounds, and a Honet catacomb mission. You can see the video HERE, you don't want to miss it.


Cherie's Treehouse


The treehouse is a platform for special things, a place to feel good, to discover new objects, a location packed with live performances, design and fashion, home-made food and drinks, dj sets and live music. Everything made with love.

Open from next Saturtday 'til Sunday in Milano, Al 247 Showroom Via Pestalozzi

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Primary Flight - Saturday!

photos by Jeremiah Garcia! Thanks again!

The Saturday in Miami...

Fresh Geezers in Brooklyn

Three of our favorite geezers The London Police and Galo are fresh off the Miami party boat and have returned to the wintery streets of Brooklyn for their new show, 'Fresh Geezers', at Factory Fresh. The show will include new canvases, a feature film of the artists, and a site specific installation in the gallery. Opens this Thursday, don't miss it.

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The Art Moves Festival in Torun Poland

This email slipped through the cracks but it's still worth taking notice. From October to November Galeria Rusz in Torun, Poland hosted the Art Moves Festival, showing billboards by 20 artists from 11 different countries throughout the city. Their statement and attitude about the billboard festival (and public art in general) is on point: "We are of the opinion that art exhibited in the city space can be of significance to contemporary man by breaking the everyday routine, showing new paths and evoking emotions." The work shown at the festival embodied this and included artists not normally associated with the streets, but rather photographers and other "fine artists" like as Edward Burtynsky, Mark Titchner, Paul Antick, Jerzy Kosałka and a number of others. Already plans are in the works for next year's festival. Check out more from the festival at artmovesfestival.org

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Andy Kehoe, Jesse Hotchkiss, & Dabs Myla open at Thinkspace

Thinkspace Gallery are opening their newest triple dip round of exhibitions tonight. Andy Kehoe's 'The World Unseen and Those In Between' will be in the main gallery space, Jesse Hotchkiss' 'Learning To Fall' in the project space, and Dabs Myla (check them out in the Primary Flight pics) are part of the gallery's Fresh Faces series with their 'Earthquake Weather' show.

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Roa in Poland

Roa got all mixed up and migrated the wrong way this Winter. He headed East to Poland instead of South. Lucky for Warsaw. Check out more at No New Enemies and Roa's tumblr.

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Teenage Black Heart - Exhibition by Christophe Lambert

A week from today No New Enemies will be presenting Cristophe Lambert's new solo show, 'Teenage Black Heart' at the NNE Space in the Mr. Ego shop in Brussels. This show speaks of purity. From task to media, copy shop to print, the series presents 44 black and white posters … Cheap, Dirty and True … dirty and true.
This is love, even when Lambert himself tries to convince you otherwise.

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Lori Zimmer on Art Basel Miami Beach

Keeping the tone of safe this year, the big fair was no exception. I'll spare you the collection of sub-par Picassos and Warhols, but there were some exciting contemporary works at Basel. (as well as Val Kilmer, who looked less real than a Duane Hanson sculpture). That said, Mr. Hanson had two amazing pieces in the fair, at Van de Weghe and Perrotin Galleries.I first saw Hanson's work when I was an awkward teen in 1994 at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, and 15 years later my fascination for his work still grows. Often portraying the working class schlub, Hanson's work leaves me with a melancholic feeling. I almost want to take the tray out of Rita the Waitress's hands and say "Girlfriend, everything's gonna be alright".. and it will.

Thanks to Lori Zimmer and No New Enemies.

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Sten & Lex in Rome

Sten & Lex just sent us over this video of their newest work in the streets of Rome. We love how the paper is transparent when wet, showing the tags through the face as it goes up. Nice and big guys.

Ripo Reporting from Barcelona

Ripo just painted this piece near the beach in Barcelona and had this to say about it:

For years this was a spot I could go to paint with friends and visitors with little stress except the wind blowing our pieces across the wall. Literally hundreds of artists had painted this kilometer stretch of cement (front and back) separating the Barcelona port from the Mediterranean Sea...

You can read the full story at his blog here.


Lori Zimmer at Scope in Miami

This year Scope took over Pulse's former haunt at Soho Studios. Parked outside of the entrance was New York's Anonymous Gallery's 1964 Airstream mobile artshop, stocked with affordables by Shepard Fairey, Matt Siren, Vans, books and all kinds of goodies. Inside the fair, Anonymous ambitiously chose to exhibit one of David Ellis' amazing kinetic trash sound sculptures- which, to the gallery's delight- sold to the Saatchi collection! The gallery also featured works by Anthony Lister and photographer Scott Alger. Shopping seemed to be a trend, because this year Scope also featured a "marketplace" with vintage clothing and custom clothing... which was virtually empty. I walked through, I'm not sure if any of the wares were good or not because I was in art mode, not shopping mode.

Big thanks to Lori and No New Enemies.

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Last year Above released a print around this time of year with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. He's back at it again this time focusing his efforts on helping the homeless in Portland, Oregon. He spent five weeks biking around the city and interviewing homeless people to find out what services and projects they thought really benefitted them. TPI (TRANSITION PROJECTS)was one that got a largely positive response so Above has made a print from his photo of Poet and will be selling it to raise $5000 for TPI. You can read the full story here and purchase a print here.

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Lori Zimmer at the Pulse Art Fair in Miami

Perhaps the most innovative fair this year was Pulse, at its new location, The Ice Palace. This year Pulse was heavy on quirky sculpture and experiential pieces, which set it apart from the other fairs. My art feet hurting from trudging around the Miami ghetto in heels (my friend said that we aren't very "Arthletic")...., I was pleased to take a load off in the provided hammocks in Pulse's entryway (great idea!) while listening to alternating DJs and live music.

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Choose Not To Fall

A tender movie about a guy who likes to jump on things. Daniel Ilabaca speaks about parkour and how it has changed his life.

Logopop: One-Night Only Show with Sickboy

Sickboy is back this holiday season with his new show 'Logopops'. Tomorrow, December 16th will see the one-night only event opening at 18:00h in East London. He'll be showing new limited edition works as well a site-specific installation. All that plus the release of a limited edition hand-finished run of 50 books we're sure this event is going to be a big one.

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Christophe Lambert Exhibition Opening

Teenage Black Heart, with new video and 44 fresh works from Christophe Lambert. All images are printed on 170gram paper as editions of 30. Prices range from 25euro to 120euro for the big boys. If you'd like dimensions or specific prices, drop us a line or come to the opening on Friday night!


The Flower Guy on the cover of New York Magazine

The Flower Guy just sent out his newsletter with the great piece of news that for the third year in a row he's been asked to do the cover of New York Magazine's "Reasons to Love New York" edition. He created the type as well as the heart drawing. Congrats!

Aryz at the New Montana Pizzeria

A really nicely produced video of the crazy talented young Aryz painting a mural at Montana's new cafe and pizzeria located right next to their shop. If you don't already know about his work you should and you'll certainly hearing more about him soon. You can check him out at www.aryz.es.


Texas Makes Me Sick... Again

Once again Corpus Christi, Texas has stepped WAY over the line in sentencing an 18 year old kid to 8 years imprisonment with no possibility for parole for tagging on things. He committed a crime against property, not human life. In this case the court itself is causing much more damage to a human life than he ever did. The defendant supposedly caused a little over $7000 worth of damages yet his prison sentence will cost tax-payers well over $120,000. Makes sense? And this prison sentence is supposed to reform him? What do you think will happen to a non-violent "criminal" who will now spend a third of his life in prison? But don't sit at your computer cursing the horribly appalling Judge Saldana for showing us how far some communities have strayed from any sense of humanity. Her Facebook, twitter, email, and other ways to contact her are all readily available online.


Judge Saldana Forced to Reduce Sentence

As it turns out Judge Marisela Saldana was forced to reduce Sebastian Perez's outrageous eight year prison sentence for graffiti and a minor marijuana possession to two years of prison and two years community service. The only sad thing about this is it didn't happen because the State realized how outlandish this sentence was but rather just for the fact that the judge didn't know it was illegal to stack sentence upon sentence as she did for this case. Still sucks for Sebastien, but maybe a little less.


Vegas Gets Green

from Lori Zimmer:
Las Vegas' new futuristic City Center is the most expensive privately funded construction project in U.S. History, costing over $11 billion. The project, which occupies the part of the strip between the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio, is a new mini city of casinos, theaters, luxury condos, strippers, hotels, spas, a fire station and state of the art everything, including LEED certification.
Of that $11bil, a mere $40 million is reserved for a fine arts installations and sculptures by world reknowned artists, such as Maya Lin, Jenny Holzer, Claes Oldenburg, Coosje Van Brugen, Nancy Rubens, Frank Stella, Henry Moore, Richard Long and New York's very own graffiti and Rock Steady Crew legend Doze Green. Doze's murals are a permanent installation that will greet guests in the tramway stations at the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio. Congrats Doze! We're excited that the City Center project has included these commissions to an incredible roster of important artists for Sin City. Special thanks to Ian Kuali'i for the photos.

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Lori Zimmer at Aqua Art Fair in Miami

The the long road to the Aqua Art Fair (a short walk from Pulse) was paved in murals and street art, my favorite being the hilarious Sharktoof. The muraled road ended down the Aqua alley way, with a giant new Greg Gossel mural encapsulating the left side of the Aqua Fair building and the Coconut water/Campari bar, and last year's mural by Rotterdam collective Antistrot still framing the entranceway.

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Summer in December with Smash137 and Ripo

This is what I love about art. Art of living. Communication. Action. Experiment. Evolution.

My friends Smash137 and Ripo recently wrote to me to tell me about a great week they spontaneously ended up spending together.

Smash137 had been scheduled to fly from Barcelona back to Basel, but a flight mishap and a phone call later, he and Ripo had other plans. As a professional artist or freelancer you get the joyful burden of inventing your own schedule most of the time, and on this occasion the two duders decided to take a day’s working vacation, which turned into a full week of fun in the sun, constant action though not really on the run. When you are the one to choose how you spend your time, what do you do with it?

Ripo shares the rest of the story over at No New Enemies...


The Modart Book

Finally … the first copies of our first book are back from the printer and we've got something to celebrate. The first thing we'd like to say is Thank You to everybody who has been so patient as our release dates kept getting pushed back. Until now we've just received 5 copies and expect the bulk of the shipment by the end of January. As soon as we've got them, we'll be in touch with all subscribers and begin taking orders.

The book is a 'best of Modart magazine', and gives an overview of what we printed and thought about during those years. Looking back it almost feels like we were watching the end of something special. To consider, the 'end of what', maybe you have to flip through the book and find you own story in there. Whatever else you might see inside, you will find page after page of exciting art from some real living masters.

Hard Cover / Same format as the magazine... 256 page... books 2 and 3 surely won't get stuck in the same long process. Stay tuned for more Modart soon.


The True Odds of Airborne Terror

There's been lots of new fear and new paranoia lately about terrorists and their crotches. This is NOT a good way to end a year so Gizmodo just posted this reassuring graphic chart reminding us of the true odds of dying in a terrorist attack on a plane. Read on to calm your fears. Happy new year everybody.

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Graffitomag #8

Our friends down in Chile have just released the 8th edition of Graffitomag, a solid pdf graff magazine that we think you'll like. Go to their site to check out back issues and you can download the new one directly here.